Immerse yourself in photography

We will take you through specific elements of photography, including light, travel, lifestyle, fine art and portraiture.  Each workshop will teach you to become better in what you do, finding light, finding angles and opportunities to make your photographs stand out.  The following areas will be covered over the three days:



"We will share our unique ways of seeing and feeling the light in our everyday and help you open your eyes to find your light. We will help you to recognise different light opportunities and use it to make your photos strong and different, using any camera anywhere, at any time of day."



"We will provide you with the tools you need to shoot with confidence. You will be given the opportunity to capture your surroundings in this diverse, interesting environment and use the skills you have learned in this workshop."



"We will help you understand the techniques needed to capture great shots everyday, especially in family settings and of your own kids. Find something special in everything you see and capture this with whatever camera you have to hand."

Deb Schwedhelm Fine Art.png

Fine Art Portraiture

"Fine Art Portraiture is about taking simple images and creating distinctive and emotional works of art that become treasured heirlooms. We will be working with you to explore the more artistic and inventive aspects of portraiture and how to shoot creatively, in addition to applying techniques to achieve something truly timeless and individual."

The wondering light creativity


"We will encourage you to embrace your creativity at every step of the way. From playing with different techniques to projects you can continue once back home or aim is always to help you see the potential of what’s right in front of you and to utilise that through your photography”.

The Wondering Light - Kirsty

Small Workshops

We will break out for some sessions into small groups. These mini-workshops will be open book sessions where you can ask us anything on running a profitable business, editing, social media, stock photography, juggling mum-life. We have a wealth of experience between our instructors.

Kirsty TWL.jpg

What to expect

Come and join us for THREE full days of photography tuition in this stunning location. There will be time to learn, to be mentored, to talk about that thing that we all love and to start building new friendships with a group of interesting, like minded people. There will be no more than three attendees for every one instructor so the experience will be intimate and intensive.

You will be pampered with fabulous food and yes, there will definitely be time to relax a little on the beautiful terraces.  We also encourage you to take some time to unwind and appreciate this beautiful country.

The following is a guide to how the weekend will flow, though the order of play may change a little, the content will be the same.


  • Arriving on Friday morning will give you time to settle in and meet your fellow Wonderers.

  • After a welcome lunch we will begin our workshops with time to talk with all the instructors about building a style that you love and defining what you want from your photography

  • We will be throwing you in the deep end by ending the day with a beautiful lifestyle shoot on a local beach.

  • Pre-dinner drinks will follow with your hosts, followed by a relaxed dinner.


  • During the morning there will be group sessions on travel photography and capturing character and details

  • We will visit a local market and learn how to capture a new environment and different lighting scenarios truthfully.

  • After lunch our instructors will share their passions and specialities with you.

  • We will focus on a fine art photography workshop utilising differing lighting and techniques.


  • We will begin with an in-home lifestyle session to give contrast to the photography practice of the previous days.

  • We will have a special session on working with light, especially harsh light as we move toward the middle of the day.

  • The afternoon will be focussed on documenting activities as we take a delicious cooking class together.

  • Dinner will be the delights that you have cooked yourself.


  • The final day will give you a chance to have smaller group sessions on various subjects - our Retreat is smaller than most giving us the chance to break down the groups to three or four of you. Available sessions will include business, social media, creative techniques (eg lensbaby) and editing

  • Portfolio reviews are available for all, simply request once you've registered.

  • Special end of retreat farewell lunch.

Throughout the retreat there will be time for you to sit down with the instructors to bounce ideas off each other or chat to us about specific topics, from editing, business skills to the latest bit of kit available. From the Friday morning until Monday afternoon, we will be on hand to help!  If you don't want to be involved in all the group sessions, at least one of us will be available to catch up with - or you may choose to have a spa treatment at a nearby beach or take some time out for yourself instead. 

For this retreat only we will also have a super special party. The retreat falls the week of Holi, the Indian festival of colours, which is celebrated to usher in the spring. (make sure you bring old clothes if you join us and be prepared for lots of fun!!)

TWL holi party.jpg