Past Retreats

GOA, October, 2018

Our first Wondering Light Retreat was held in Goa, India in October 2018. It was a true delight for the senses. We were joined by 2 amazing and passionate guest presenters, Emma Wood and Caroline Jensen, and 9 incredible attendees who came with a thirst for learning and walked away with a piece of magic in their hearts. The following words came from some of these 9 wonderful ladies:

  • It was a weekend of personal revelations. Something outside my imagination happened while I was in Goa"

  • "It was a once in a lifetime adventure and I will forever be grateful to have experienced it. I had glimpses at a path for photography and I'm working to make them real"

  • "An inspiring, eye opening, heartfelt retreat for women who are ready to ignite their senses, not afraid to feel intensely and open to explore and discover new possibilities in their photography journey"

  • “After coming back, I'm discovering new light bulb moments as I reflect”

  • “The openness, familiarity and honesty of our instructors, and other ladies made this an extraordinary experience to be cherished for years to come"

Photo at our beautiful Goa retreat 2018 by Chloe Lodge

Photo at our beautiful Goa retreat 2018 by Chloe Lodge

Our incredible previous instructors:

Emma is natural light, fine art photographer specializing in creative portraiture. 

“Moody and earthy are both words that are used to describe my images, I like get to know my subjects and bring out their true personalities. I’m a mother to 7 crazy gorgeous kids and I’m married to my best friend, the boy I went to school with, who I’ve travelled the world with for the last 20yrs”.

Emma is a soulful dreamer and amazingly thoughtful educator who connected with our attendees, helping them delve deeper, hone and develop their visual voice and discover who they are as artists. She throws her whole heart into what she does and people come away enriched. She embodies the core of The Wondering Light ethos and we hope beyond hope that we will get to work alongside her again.

Caroline is a Sony Artisan of Imagery, and an award-winning photographic artist that lives on the wild prairie.

“My passion for storytelling and creating art from the world around has led me to photograph a wide range of subjects in my signature artistic style. I love to find unique images with dramatic light and I enjoy focusing on one subject, whether that be a person, my original recipes, or a flower. I’m a passionate educator and writer - I have been featured in numerous publications and I run four workshops through Click Photo School.”

In her own words, Caroline came into this project “with a heart bursting with gratitude. I can speak with experience about missed opportunities. For years we traveled for the military and in the chaos, I missed a million tiny moments that should have been captured. To bring our collective knowledge and diverse talents to women all over the world is a dream becoming reality. We each bring our unique and genuine vision of family, connection, nature, food, and hidden beauty to the world. From the common to the exotic, we never stop observing, but more importantly, we never want to stop helping others to do the same. It is my heart’s desire to see the joy radiating as women join us in our appreciation of the world around us.”

The Wondering Light Goa.jpg


In short, there are many ways to describe the magic that happened at our first retreat in Goa last October. But penny drop moments, laughter, tears, giggles, light hunts, hugs, friendships, emotions, light bulbs and giant lightning flashes of creativity happened in such abundance (for ALL of us!) that once we’d got over the jet lag (all except Kirsty, lucky lady) we couldn’t wait to do it again! All the above, plus amazing food, stunning beaches, masala chai, simmering spices, the scent of jasmines and SO MUCH MORE is waiting for you if you join us for a future Wondering Light Retreat.

images from our previous wondering light retreat in goa

A mix of behind the scenes shots, plus images created by our students and instructors - a beautiful diverse story of people coming together in this little corner of India and finding their own voices.

With great thanks to Clare, Reem, Anne, Malika and Dunia for sharing some images