The Wondering Light Story

Five years ago Chloe and Kirsty first crossed paths in the UAE.  Kirsty was settled and in love with desert life, Chloe was new to the region, having recently lived in Paris and Kuala Lumpur. Through the power of instagram their worlds connected. Their love of lifestyle photography, capturing light and life as Mamas in foreign lands meant their friendship grew from the first time they chatted. Alongside that passion for documenting their own lives and those of their clients, they’d both always had a burning desire to nurture vision and growth in others. They talked about their dream of bringing an all encompassing and immersive photography experience to Asia.

"Early last year my family was planning our move to India. I messaged Chloe with the news. It was then that we knew it was time. Time to make our dream a reality. Time to bring our experience and knowledge together to create a fantastic multi-dimensional retreat. To create a space for learning, for discussions, for rejuvenation as well as enabling those who may otherwise not have the confidence to travel to India and shoot, to do so. It was also our wish that attendees not only learnt from us but from others too. We chatted to our dear friend, the incredibly talented Emma Wood, an experienced portrait artist to see if she would be involved in hosting our first retreat and to our delight she never hesitated in joining us. Next we invited US-based photographer Caroline Jensen, an artist we both greatly admire and who brings a perfect set of complimentary skills and experience to our table. And so The Wondering Light was born. After the amazing success of our first retreat we knew we’d ignited a passion we’d want to light again, and so our second retreat is now in the works. We simply can’t wait to see you in India and share all we have planned and all that we know with you."

Kirsty Larmour & Chloe Lodge



Chloe lodge

Light is my passion and my obsession. I love seeing how it transforms the simplest of scenes, how it dances with shadows and how it gives form to the world around us. It's the most powerful and intoxicating tool in a photographer's box and I can't wait to explore light with you on our retreat. When I work I not only love to go on a light hunt, I also draw from every part of my life that was and every thing that now is; my childhood, my family, my love of art history, my years spent in the event management industry, my Masters in Documentary and Photojournalism in Paris eight years ago and the global life we now live (and all the incredible people we meet along the way!). My recent relocation means I sadly can’t be with you this time, but I assure you that I will be there behind the scenes, and Kirsty and I are plotting use of the latest technology to enable me to join you all remotely.

kirsty laRmour

I’m a story teller, and a documenter of life; a lifestyle photographer who's lucky enough to travel the world. I’ve lived more than half my life in Asia and am usually based in India or in my rusty old van somewhere on the road these days.

My approach to photography is to document the journey – capturing my own kids backs as they adventure through life (and temples, and souks, rice paddies or over sand dunes) - with a little sparkle on top fueled by my obsession with pretty light. I want to treasure the REAL moments that need to be remembered.  I tell stories of moments which might otherwise slip away on the path of life in both pictures and words and am like a mother hen who delights in the successes of her students. I am also honoured to be a Nikon Middle East presenter. I can't wait to introduce you to my beloved India. 

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For our Goa 2019 retreat we are bringing in 2 new, wonderfully talented and experienced teachers:

Deb Schwedhelm.png

Deb Schwedhelm

I spent the past 25 years moving every couple years with the military and it was these relocations that greatly shaped my photography journey. Throughout each and every shift, I pushed forward, made photographs, experimented, trusted, and watched closely for open doors along the way. I began my photography journey 13 years ago running a successful child/family portraiture business. In 2007, I began teaching and in 2012, I found my way into the sector of fine art photography. It’s been an absolutely wild and incredible journey, to say the least — one that I am forever grateful for.

I 100-percent believe that we all have a unique story to tell with our photography. Sometimes it just takes quieting the noise and focusing on the whisper of our inner artist to see it. Trust me, your story is there! Together, in the brilliant state of Goa, we will look at photographs, yours and mine. We will explore the concepts of creating strong, interesting images and what makes for a cohesive portfolio. We will discuss where we have been, where we would like to go, and how we can get there. My wish is to push you technically and creatively and most importantly help you see and grow as the unique artist that you are. 

Rowe Timson

Hey! I'm Rowe, a natural light portrait & commercial photographer. My life-long love affair with photography began in high school as soon as I picked up a camera. My family and I ditched our busy life in Australia to move to the little island of Bali! We dreamt of days filled with new experiences and adventure. Our plan was to stay a year but we quickly fell in love with island life and the Balinese people, so six years later, we are still here!

I have been a professional photographer for most of my adult life. My other passion is social media. I manage social media accounts for a variety of businesses and love being a voice for those brands, creating visual content inline with their brand identity and connecting with potential customers and clients.

I have taught photography and social media, online and in person to well over 200 students. I love teaching and being part of other people’s creative journey so I am super excited to be teaching in India with two incredibly talented photographers I adore! Teaching makes my heart happy!


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